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Slide Gate Operators

To many people, it is very important to feel safe in their homes, to protect their family and their belongings. In addition to safety people also want to access control systems for their entry points, especially their gates. That’s how the need for security access equipment developed. The security industry, and the gate access industry specifically, has been evolving for decades, but only recently it has become more accessible to all people.

If you are planning to add a security system to your home, you should keep reading. In this article, we are going to talk about Slide Gate Operators in general.

Slide Gate Operators

Slide Gate Operators

Many years ago, Slide Gate Operators were told by manufacturers of gate automation equipment that an incline of up to 4% was acceptable for sliding gates. That gives a height change of 4 cm for every metre of track. With a typical 6 m track length, that means a total height change of 24 cm.

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Anyone who has ever done basic physics or has ridden a bike will know that things with wheels are pulled down slopes by gravity. And on a slope, a sliding gate is exactly the same, requiring energy from the gate motor simply to stay in one position. Once it is moving downhill it will require substantially more force from the gate motor to bring it to a stop. And to start a stationary gate rolling uphill takes considerably more force than it would do on a level track.

Slide Gate Operators help to move an automated gate backwards and forwards and stop it on level ground. They are not built to cope with the completely different forces at work when either driving automatic gates up hill or controlling them as they descend.

The different forces involved when operating a sliding gate will also affect its operation and there are likely to be difficulties even in setting it up. Also, without clever electronics, this type of use is likely to lead to rapid problems with mechanical elements such as gearboxes that bear larger forces than their original design specified.

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The suggestion that sliding gates could be automated on sloping ground by Slide Gate Operators was made prior to the more recent tragedies caused by automatic gates.Today, we have additional safety devices such as safety edges and obstacle detection that is built into the gate motor or control panel electronics. However, gate safety features are only as good as the engineer designing and installing a safe automatic gate system by Slide Gate Operators.

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Today, safety is rightly placed as the major consideration when designing and installing automatic gate systems by Slide Gate Operators. So, if you have a slope and need a sliding gate, the best answer is either to level the ground or to use service of Slide Gate Operators. always choose professional to avoid any mishappening.

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