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Gate Operators

Automatic Gate Operators come in different designs, each with its own set of features. Modern devices like these are now available in designs that no longer require extensive field modifications to the existing gate structure. Houses and commercial centers have been known to make extensive use of these Gate Operators.

One thing to take note of is that unlike earlier models, the newer types can now be installed in a manner that no longer looks too bulky or out of place.There are a lot of different automatic Gate Operators, and these devices are also called gate openers. When you have an automatic gate installed, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right opener.

Gate Operators

Gate Operators

A top swing arm operator is the most common type used for homes and businesses. It’s not uncommon for these types of openers to last for many years. The drawback of these types of openers is their aesthetic appeal; they’re not much to look at because they are large and highly visible. These types of gates can be programmed using any type of automatic Gate Operators.

Hydraulic arm opening

Hydraulic arm opening operators are more expensive, but very durable and able to move gates weighing 2,200 pounds or more. These units work on the hydraulic premise, but don’t use limit switches. Gate Operators that operate hydraulically have mechanical positive stops, which are used to open and close the gate and keep them in position. These models are typically not recommended for solar installation due to the requirement of a hydraulic pump that must run on VAC power torsion spring.

In-ground or below belt Gate Operators are used for higher end installations, where looks are everything.Typically an under-ground operates on gates that separate in the middle, they are available in hydraulic and electric models. Most often an in-ground operator is attached to columns as part of the internal skeleton, and has a thrust bearing assembly that lets the gate stay in place if the drive must be removed and repaired.

Automatic Gates

Lastly, sliding automatic gates are the type most commonly used for commercial installation projects. However, these models are also excellent for a home driveway gate when the site has restrictions or limitations. Generally, this type of automatic Gate Operators needs to be installed by skilled professionals and is not for a do-it-yourself amateur. A sliding gate is an especially good choice for homeowners that have property on a steep incline. Other times these models will work quite well in areas where a swing gate would be impractical or impossible to use. You can use different kinds of automatic Gate Operators when you install a sliding gate.

The type of automatic gate you install is going to determine what kind of automatic gate operators you can use. No matter what type of gate you choose to have installed, you should always hire Gate Operators professionals to do the job because it’s complicated and requires knowledge to ensure it’s done safely and properly.Each particular model to be installed will come with its own housing mechanism for controlling the gate openers.

Depending on the specific features, some types will include a microprocessor that controls how the gate operator mechanisms start or stop the door from moving. A standard feature in most operators would include batteries for back-up functions.

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One last thing to remember is that as these gate operators are normally installed outside, the housing would always be weatherproof and capable of withstanding corrosion from the elements. Upon purchase and subsequent installation, homeowners would have to specify as to how they would want the mechanism to be set. In any case, choose accordingly and be assured of the convenience that these operators can bring to your everyday routine.

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